Wartime Diaries in Ukraine

Wartime Diaries in Ukraine

The 24 Voices of ordinary people, who live in unordinary days.

An anthology of diaries written by citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainians who live outside the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion.


1,980 円(税込)
Chikako Suzuki


Don’t hurry to close the book when you feel terrified. Do not look away as you might find some stories disturbing. There are some jokes and life-reassuring moments as well. Let this book absorb you in its painstaking honest real-time narrative, and let it reach your heart. Please remember that people who wrote their diaries are the same humans like you and me, just mercilessly thrown into horror without their consensus. Let this book remain a testament to the sacrifice Ukraine made to protect its children and let us stand with Ukraine until it wins.──Forewords by Sasha Kaverina(Co-founder of Stand With Ukraine) 

Editor:Stand With Ukraine. SWU Japan is a movement born in Tokyo, Japan after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. From day one of Ukraine’s invasion, Ukrainian nationals (and their friends of different nationalities) living and working in Tokyo came together to help relieve the devastating situation in Ukraine. They are ordinary people of different backgrounds, who are bringing together our knowledge and efforts to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and thrive as an independent state.



About Ukraine
The map of Ukraine
100 Years of Ukraine
Timeline after invasion

Iryna Rassadina──Manager of a beauty studio
Olga Tsyganchuk──Deputy director for legal affairs
Valerii──Ex-construction worker
Olga Yurina──Opera singer
Oleh Myhailov──Playwright

Yuliia Naumenko──QA manager in a marketing company

Olena Shepilova──Worker in UkrZaliznytsya(Ukrainian Railways)

Ganna Melnyk──Artist

Olena Astasyeva──Playwright, copy writer

Tet’yana Kitsenko──Screenwriter
Kaoru Ng──Photojournalist
Alyona Bychkovska──Japanese teacher
Lyudmyla Tymoshenko──Professor
Maryna Smilyanets──Deputy director of the Mikhailovskaya theater, playwright
Yevhen Nasadyuk──Film director, performer
Olga Annenko──Playwriting teacher
Oleksii Tarasenko──Cleaning staff, tutor

Iryna Feofanova──Playwright

Anastasiia Horoshko──Head of a section at a honey export company

Alyona Iwai──English teacher

Yuliia Zhrikova──Ceramic artist

Nataliia Korobchenko──Staff in an apparel company in Harajuku
Bohdan Slushynskyi──Programmer

Sasha Kaverina──Marketer at an IT-related company

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